Overcome Insomnia


Overcome Insomnia-With These 10 Easy Tips

1.   Stop thinking sleep is an option, it is essential to your health and well-being.

2.   Finish dinner and the clean-up at least two hours before your nightly-night.

3.   A hour before you settle down for a little shuteye, kick in your body’s relaxation process by having a warm herbal bath to reduce stress.

4.   Turn it off…everything including your phone one hour before retiring. Leave a book on your nightstand, read a chapter and before you know it you will have droopy eye  and your brain will be in shut down mode.

5.   Chill it out, set your thermometer to a temperature range of 65 degrees/winter and a comfortable 75 degrees/summer and save on your utilities as a added bonus.

6.   Close the blinds…keep it dark, light from any source, even from the moon disrupts your melatonin pattern.

7.   Don’t drink and sleep. Watch the liquids before bedtime, especially alcoholic beverages, bladder calls are a major cause of sleep interruption.

8.   Does Spring Rain, Babbling Brook, Ocean Waves, Summer Night, and Rain Forest sound inviting? Believe it!  Avoid middle of the night noises, treat yourself to a sound machine, proven to be a great tool for restful sleep.

9.   If you still are not completely relaxed from all of the above try this technique which can promote better sleep by easing the transition between 90 miles an hour to total shutdown. Follow this simple relaxation exercise;  breathe out deeply then breathe in slowly, hold this breath for the count of three, then breathe out gently releasing the tension in the rest of your body as you do so. Repeat as needed.

10.Long daytime naps can interfere with nighttime sleep — especially if you’re dealing with insomnia or poor sleep quality at night. If you decide to nap during the day, limit yourself to no more than 30 minutes.

Overcome Insomnia informative guide; getting a good night’s sleep has many benefits. Studies show that overweight people tend to sleep less. As you change your lifestyle with positive thinking, exercise and healthy eating choices, you will see those pounds fall off and you will start sleeping better.

This is your only life and you deserve restful sleep, start today with making a commitment to create a better YOU…Sweet Dreams!


More useful information on sleeping disorders; http://www.kpchr.org/research/public/pubview.aspx?paperid=4539 – 8k

Author: Lynn Reagan

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