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Optimism Power

Be Optimistic, Count Your Blessings

optimism-powerDo you know the difference between an optimist and a pessimist?  The power of optimist continuously counts their blessings while the pessimist continuously gripes about their circumstance.  There is a simple yet profound phrase, if kept in the front of our minds, which would keep everyone grateful… “It could always be worse!”

optimism-powerWe are a “microwave” society that wants everything in 45 seconds flat!  When we don’t get instant results we whine like kids and take the opportunity to spotlight every complaint in our lives! Seize your thoughts on those grey days to find the silver lining that surrounds your cloud of trouble.

You might be frustrated that you over indulged at a church picnic, but instead of beating yourself up and cursing life, be thankful that you live in a country of abundant food where you can freely express your faith. If you think your thighs are to big, be thankful you are not in a wheel chair and can dance around with your kids!  It’s called an “Attitude of Gratitude” and many of us need a wake-up call on the subject!

For example, my 23 year old son is an honors med student and my 13 year old daughter hides her school books under the bed and wants to be a pop singer!  Sometimes I get so frustrated with her, but as I drive through the Med Center and look up at a huge sky scraper called Children’s Hospital, I realize that those poor parents in there could care less about schoolwork, they are just praying for a miracle to save their child.  Then I see the silver lining in my life.  I have two beautiful, smart and healthy kids that I love dearly… so who cares about conjugating verbs, anyway?

Try this for a change, whenever you have a bad hair day, be glad you have hair! The morning you skip a workout, be thankful for a good friend to have coffee with.

Perception Is Reality.

How do you perceive your life? If you can psych yourself up every day to see all the bad stuff, you can just as easily psych yourself up every day to see all the good…IT’S ALL A PSYCH! Creating a positive outlook takes practice, effort, and desire. Then one day, like a tune you’ve heard over and over again, you begin to sing the upbeat words and melody to the song for your life…

optimism-power Choose the Optimism Power Road …Change your attitude…Change your life!

Author: Eve Dove

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