Healthy Meal Planning


Healthy Meal Planning

healthy-meal-planningHow many times have you heard it “Mom, what’s for dinner” Having a goal to eat together as a family each day helps  to teach your children some valuable lessons.  Planning a weekly  menu is a great motivation to help organize your kitchen so that you can put a meal on the table in least time than you can order from a menu.

Getting a healthy dinner on the table fast doesn’t have to be a struggle. Start by taking some time during the week to plan the following week’s menu and make a shopping list.


Follow the  suggestions below to help you accomplish your goal:

Plan your families menu for the week: Several recipes websites and smart phone apps offer healthy menu planning, they’ll even give you a detailed grocery list.

Choose meals that are easy to assemble: Take advantage of every shortcut, buy rotisserie chicken, meats that you can grill quickly, keep salad ingredients in the fridge, add a fresh veggie and you have a healthy meal at a fraction of the cost of eating out. Involve the whole family, alternate duties, you not only are providing nutritious food and family bonding, you are also teaching good eating habits.

Go to the store with a list: Make a list and try to organize your list into categories according to the store layout (for example: produce, meats, dairy, spices, breads (etc.)

Shop the Perimeter: If you are eating for health, there really is no reason to visit healthy-family-meal-planningsome of the aisles in the store. If you’ll notice, most healthy items, such as produce, fish and dairy, is located around the edges of the store. Going down the aisles containing those bad items like sodas, cookies or chips may lead to unwanted items finding their way into your cart.

Color Matters: Green is good, however if it’s white don’t buy. Bad carbs are generally white…so eat color which means lots of fruits and veggies!

Positive Dinner Conversation: Mealtime is not the time to correct or criticize, focus on the “Good” that happened today, ask each family member to share a feel good moment that happened to them.

When you are organized and have all the ingredients you need, cooking will be a breeze.  Follow the above plan and start down that road to healthy eating.

Author: Donna Taylor

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