Fast Food Facts

Fast Foods are ull of Fat and Calories!

Fast Food Facts

fast-food-factsIf you are a fan of fast food, you are not alone. According to a recent Gallup poll, at least once a month, eight out of 10 Americans eat at fast-food restaurants. And it’s no wonder; Fast Food Facts; fast food is convenient, affordable, filling and tasty. Unfortunately, many fast foods are highly processed, fried and devoid of nutrients.

Fast food meals, like the all-American hamburger-fries-shake combo, are also loaded with unhealthy amounts of fat, sodium and sugar.  

So, if you are eating fast food on a regular basis, beware!

Fast Food Facts; it can lead to many health problems, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Fast Food Facts; there is not anything healthy about Double-Decker Super Sized fast foods.

Fortunately, there is a positive movement occurring in the fast food industry; restaurants are now starting to provide healthier options and post nutritional information about the foods they serve.

If you’re looking to get the healthiest bang for your buck at a fast food establishment, choose wisely:

  • Avoid foods that are fried and covered in sauces;fast-foods-facts
  • Opt for grilled or broiled lean meats and fish;
  • Go for fruits and vegetables;
  • Drink water instead of sodas, shakes and sweet tea;
  • Mind the carbs, and opt for whole grain breads and brown rice;
  • Ask for salad dressings and mayonnaise to be on the side, and
  • NEVER supersize an order.

fast-food-factsBut choosing the right amount of food can be difficult. If you feel compelled to super-size your meal, it might be because you’re conditioned to think that you need more food than your body requires.

According to the National Institutes of Health, during the last 20 years, food portions in U.S. restaurants have more than doubled. And as a result, what many Americans consider to be a normal serving size has become distorted.


Fast Food Facts;

The next time you’re grabbing a bite out, if the serving size of an entrée looks larger than your fist, you may want to consider ordering an appetizer instead of an entrée or eating half of a meal and taking the rest home for lunch tomorrow.

Author: Lisa Porter

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