Don’t Worry


Don’t Worry

Quit Worrying and Wasting Time; Focus on the Present

Have you ever thought about how our desires are always so fundamentally linked to unhappiness? How, time and again, our restless minds slip between the past and future and bring with it countless worries. And, if someone were to ask you “when will you be happy?” – You would invariably reply, “Only when dreams are fulfilled!” But are all our wishes ever granted? If no, then why do we needlessly waste the present moment worrying about the future? So, here are some simple guidelines to help you quit worrying and brighten up! When You Worry, You Lose Focus That’s right! Worrying causes our brain to lose focus. When too many unhealthy thoughts fill the mind, we lose clarity and alertness. This ultimately affects our health, behavior and relationships, and hampers our performance. Therefore, quit worrying, and stay focused on the present moment! Bad Times Makes Us A look at the lives of great men will make you realize, how, despite insurmountable challenges, they achieved what they did! It is when we fail to accept these challenges and setbacks in life, we start complaining. But, who has only experienced a ‘bed of roses’, as they say? Nobody! So, learn from the difficult moments or the failures you face because these ‘bad days’ will prepare you for the future. Count Your Blessings   Be Thankful for What you Have A good job, a great pay, good clothes, awesome savings, a great car and a loving family are just some of the things we desire from life! Unfortunately, when we do not achieve these, we get anxious! But why not change that old pattern of thinking and instead become grateful for all that you have, and work hard to achieve your dreams. Count your blessings every night; it keeps you happy!     Get Involved in Constructive Efforts don't worry The source of our desires is ‘me’, ‘myself’ and ‘I’, and until you take time out to forget ‘yourself’ and ‘your needs’ once in a while, you can never give your mind a break from worry.  So, get involved in constructive efforts which could help someone else. Teach or play with homeless kids, spend time with the less fortunate, provide medical aid to the elderly or get involved in community development work. Even a few hours every month dedicated to these community programs will give you the much-required relief, and bring joy to your mind. The present moment is the time with endless possibilities. How you choose to design or define this moment is your decision. The more positive you are about today, the happier you will be in future. So, in the meantime don’t worry because when you stop worrying, you start living.

Author: Donna Taylor

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