Truth or Fiction


Fiction: In order to satisfy HUNGER, we need to eat large portions!

Fact: Healthy Choices, not quantity produces healthy satisfaction! Our bodies are designed to crave natural foods, NOT large amounts of foods. Do you ever wonder why you have a craving for just a simple green salad or a serving of broccoli? Truth is that that craving is your body begging for some essential healthy nutrition. We are so accustomed to super-sized portions, so obviously we are participating in the belief that MORE is better. When In truth what we really need is high-quality foods, not just larger quantities of processed foods filled with stuff that is not good for us!

In order to eat RIGHT we must combine six foods groups that make-up the eating “Right Recipe for Life” plan. In order to provide your body with a balance of essential nutrients, the correct foods that are key to great health:

1. Protein
2. Carbohydratesbelly-fat-matters
3. Essential Fats
4. Vitamins
5. Minerals
6. Water


To optimize your brain to think, muscles to be strong, body to metabolize fat properly, have more energy and to enjoy good health…you must fuel your body with the right foods! Just do it by eating right for a healthier you.