Tips for Eating Out Successfully on Your Diet

Three Absolute Golden Tips for Eating Out Successfully on Your Diet

Gregory P Brown, MD
Board Certified in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry

One of the biggest challenges for many of us on diets is the dreaded invitation to lunch or dinner with friends at an unfamiliar restaurant. Social pressure alone can tip your focus away from your health and into a internal mode of pleasing others. Here are three great tips for asserting your personal power when eating out.

  1. Order an appetizer as quickly as possible that is fully compliant with your base diet. This will replace the social eating of bread or chips. You know it will match your diet goals, so no worries on the food itself. And as you are munching with your group, no one will remark on why you’re not eating the bread, or tempt you with the same.
  2. Soon after sitting down, drink a full eight ounce glass of ice water. Getting something into your stomach, as quickly as possible, especially if you’re hungry, will help with satiety. Recent studies have confirmed the additional weight loss effects of drinking a full glass of water immediately prior to each meal. This is easy and unobtrusive so your meal companions won’t even notice.
  3. Eat slowly. This means chewing your food completely and really savoring the taste of every bite. It takes your stomach and brain about 20 minutes to give you a real sense of feeling full, so slowing down the pace of eating will let you feel more full with less food. Keeping part of your awareness on slowing down the pace of your eating while you enjoy conversations with companions can be your secret to success that no one else will even notice. With typical restaurant portions, this may even give you a take home extra for another meal later which helps your budget and your diet.

Master these three tips and you will notice a huge difference in the total amount of food you are eating. This works whether your personal choice is low carb, low fat, low calorie, or virtually any other reputable diet. Your relationship with food and how you think about food is as powerful a modifier for your food intake as the diet itself. The transformation of a diet into a lifestyle is the ultimate goal to keep those unwanted pounds away.

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Author: Gregory P Brown MD

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