Secret to Flatter Abs

Secret to Flatter Abs

It’s not uncommon for people to feel a little heavy around their waist. In fact, a large tummy is probably among the top ‘weighty’ challenges facing both the young and old today. Not only does fat around the middle make you uncomfortable, it is often an indicator of more serious underlying ailments. Poor diet, imperfect postures and an unhealthy lifestyle all contribute to belly fat. So, how should we eliminate that stomach fat and work towards a leaner waistline?

Let’s find out.

secert-to-flatter-absEat Healthy

First things first – you need to eat right in order to stay fit and lean. Include lots of water, fruit, nuts, grains and leafy vegetables in your diet. Eliminate saturated fats, sugar and starches; limit intake of red-meat, Good sources of protein are chicken, lean pork, salmon and other fish.

Eat smaller meals at meal time and add a few smart snacks ( i.e. fruit, handful of almonds or walnuts, all-natural popcorn} in between. Remember, extra calories go straight to your waistline.
Eating healthy also means eating smaller portions and not stuffing your yourself. A simple rule to remember is after eating you should not feel bloated or uncomfortable.

Cut Back on Alcohol
While it might be healthy to sip on beer or wine once a week, for those with belly fat this is not advisable. Alcohol increases estrogen levels in the body, which in turn causes the body to bloat. Alcohol also escalates hunger, making us binge more.

secrets-to-flatter-absDaily Exercise
Start your day with a good routine of exercise. Include running, brisk walks, swift cardio exercises and crunches to tighten those abs. Also, include in your routine exercises that target your waist and thighs, which helps to build better posture and stronger leg muscles.

Stay Active
Apart from exercise, include more enjoyable activities such as swimming, tennis, golf or bowling in your lifestyle. All of these will boost metabolism and burn that excess stomach fat. This is a fun and swift way to reaching your ideal weight.

Daily Routine
Modern conveniences have made life easier. However, getting your hands dirty and doing household chores and yard work will be not only save you money, it will also help you burn off calories. Listen to upbeat music as you are working and dance to the beat. You can also walk to the store, park in the very last spot at the mall and take the steps instead of the elevator.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
Stress directly affects body weight. Continuous stress can negatively affect your health by interfering with your thyroid functions, which can cause weight gain, fatigue and depression.
The happier you are, the healthier your metabolism will be. Increasing your metabolism will have a positive effect on your health and your weight loss.
An effective way to increase your metabolism and quickly burn calories is to eat smaller healthy portions five times a day. This will increase your metabolism, help satisfy your appetite and keep those hunger pains at bay.

Regaining those sexy abs isn’t so hard after all. All that is required is to make a commitment to follow a daily exercise routine, eat healthy and retain a positive attitude! Dance to the beat of your drum!