Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss MythsMyths

What can be worse than following those tedious exercise regimes and suddenly someone tells you’ve been doing it all wrong? Yes, before that bubble pops , here’s an eye opener. Don’t believe it, there’s a slice of lie and cheating in every otherwise perfect weight loss cake!  So let’s take a glance at all those weight loss myths and misconceptions we have been living with:


Weight Loss Myth # 1

  • Starve to stay skinny: Reducing your diet to one- bread- a- day will not create a skinny figure as much as it will ruin your health! Snacking between meals has usually been pointed out as an easy way to put on some extra calories, however think smart snacks instead of nutritional void chips and other junk foods loaded with sugar. On the other hand, it is one of the most efficient ways, recommended by dieticians to dodge the urge to binge or overeat.

Weight Loss Myth # 2

  • No more fats, fast foods or starches: If you have been keen on losing weight for a while now, you have surely heard it often- “Eat anything but junk, fats and carbohydrates”. Maybe the fries, soda, double cheeseburgers are out, but it doesn’t make sense to ditch fast food altogether. After all, carbohydrates are an essential source of energy that keeps us going through the humdrum of life. And a fat-free biscuit is not an assurance of low calorie!

Weight Loss Myth # 3

  • Radical exercise regimes are the only way out: Significant and consistent weight loss entails commitment  in your daily routine and sticking to the lifestyle   change. A rigorous exercise is not the solution to shed that flab; rather a regular and persistent physical activity is what it takes.

Weight Loss Myth # 4

  • Some foods burn calories: With the online world flooded with advertisements of calorie burning foods, some dieticians assert “Calories are calories, regardless of the source”. Even if certain foods augment the metabolism rate, the amount is pretty much insignificant to make it work like a magic pill.

Weight Loss Myth # 5

  • Drink water, lose weight: While water is paramount to keep you healthy, hydrated and fit,  In fact, sometimes thirst is mistaken for an empty stomach. If you are thirsty, you might consume more food to fill that void, so drink water a few minutes before every meal.

Weight Loss Myths

Where there’s will, there’s a way… weight control process requires “skill-power” instead of “willpower”.  Identify your eating habits, keep the good ones, break the bad habits. You will soon be on your way to a  healthier and more radiant you!

Author: Kate Field

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