Exercise Benefits


Exercise Benefits

benefits-of-exerciseThe Benefits of Exercise

Most of us know that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle; But exactly what are the benefits of exercise and how much daily exercise do we need? Do you think you know? Take this pop quiz to test your knowledge:

1. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), regular physical activity provides which of the following health benefits?

    A. Reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease

    B. Reduces your risk for Type 2 diabetes

    C. Reduces your risk for some cancers

    D. Strengthens your bones and muscles

    E. Improves your mental health and mood

    F. Increases your chances of living longer

If you said “all of the above”, you are correct, and are off to a strong start!

2. True or false: American adults need to get one hour of aerobic physical activity a day to improve their health.

If you said “true”, you would be wrong. According to the CDC, the recommended amount of aerobic exercise for adults is only 2.5 hrs a week, or about 22 minutes a day.

3. True or false: At least half of all adults in the U.S. get the recommended amount of aerobic physical activity.

If you said “false”, you would be right. The CDC states that only 48% of adults are getting enough exercise.


The take-a-way: Breaking a sweat on a regular basis is arguably one of the best uses of your time. If you are in the sedentary majority, what’s stopping you from making exercise a priority? If you think it’s because you don’t have the time, think again. Had you been walking on a treadmill while reading this article, you would have burned calories while strengthening your heart and your mind!

(Reference: http://www.cdc.gov/

Author: Eve Dove

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